Queen Elizabeth II


Queen Elizabeth II is the current monarch of the English throne. She has in her Sixty-six year reign been both controversial and openly loved. This is not an essay on the true value of the Queen or what she is like as a monarch. Perhaps another day? Instead this is going to consider the Queen’s use of clothing and how its style is adaptable to those of us with more moth balls than money.

A Fitted dress that is worn well can be timeless.

For anyone who is buying an outfit for something more formal it has become apparent that well-made dresses are becoming rarer. With the rise in cheaper ways to manufacture often at the determent to the developing world, clothing doesn’t last the same. It has become obvious to me as a person who is in their early twenties and so likes younger fashions, that it is harder and harder to get well made clothing. A dress that falls apart the first time that you wash it is not something that will be timeless.

Bear with me here consider the following dresses and mull over the way that if they were shortened they could look amazing at most social gatherings. Consider how a little black dress can be worn to a funeral or to business drinks, the same versatility applies to a nice fitted dress.

The Queen’s reigns began in the fifties and so her dresses reflect a similar style. There is a timeless quality to her dresses though that while a little long would look good on a variety of body shapes. In the following image the dress has a sweetheart neckline that flatters the chest with cap sleeves that are at a flattering length. The slit in the cap sleeves flatters the arm even further in a cut that doesn’t really go out of fashion. A dress to the knees with the same sweetheart neckline would be a timeless addition to any afternoon whether it is the races, a graduation or your twenty first.

Investing in a few ‘good’ dresses is always a strong investment. While the little black dress is lovely and will always be it, personally it has become quite dull in recent years. Consider a print that is both young and cheerful, recently my cousin bought such a dress that had piano keys on it, a contemporary change for a seventeen-year-old. For the older woman something that you feel comfortable in is important though remember some prints can age a person or don’t sit well, particularly washed out prints can do this. Picking a dress that works well with your natural tones is a good practical bet. I have blue eyes and so have always suited navy to light blues.

One last note while the Queen has many of these dresses as she is the Queen you do not need to do the same. Don’t feel that this is a blog that is telling you to spend all your money, this is about spending more on something that will last. Another thing to consider while picking these dresses is that the Queen does pair these dresses with minimal jewellery. Minimal jewellery makes the dress shine in a way it normally wouldn’t. Jewellery can be a bit like the sister that hogs the attention, sometimes it’s important that you allow someone else to shine a bit.




A good jacket is something that you can never go wrong with.

I live in Australia where buying large bulky jackets just isn’t practical though I did see a dog with shoes on the other day so who am I to truly judge? Personally I have spent a good amount of money on jackets after finding that cheap jackets tend to disintegrate in the washing load as time wears on. Picking clothes that are practical and stylish is always a balancing act, The Queen wears jackets as in English weather these are often needed. Would she wear these jackets in a visit to Australia? Probably not.

Finding jackets that fit your climate are tricky and so I have found that sticking to favourite brands means that you are comfortable and know the quality a great deal more. Being Australian bulky coats don’t work often but that doesn’t mean that layering with a lighter coat and a cardigan isn’t a good idea. Cardigans are practical in that they can fit in a bag but also have the right thickness that they can warm on cooler days. Just remember though don’t pick anything that is uncomfortable. Queen Elizabeth may have been in the media consistently for her entire life but that does not mean she will pick style over comfort. You won’t look as good when you are obviously uncomfortable, these apply to heels at times, I am afraid!


Never be afraid to go back to an old favourite.

Teenage years are a scary time, everyone wants to look the same and no one feels like they can be different to the old crowd. For many people when they become an adult they feel that they can dress as they want to a little more. As the Queen demonstrates it is always exciting to go back to a style of clothing that you are most comfortable in.

I mentioned about Elizabeth living in a colder climate and how this affects her choices due to comfort. Regardless of this Elizabeth does go back to her favourite style consistently. This style is long buttoned coats this and is a good example of why we should feel comfortable in wearing our favourite styles. In the following image you can see that she has been wearing these jackets since she was a child done buttoned up they take the centre of the outfit.

Personally I love swing dresses, they are comfortable in any sort of weather, for example they go well with a pair of coloured tights and a small jacket in winter. This is an old favourite of mine, I tend to go back to my favourites and change them a bit. I have always enjoyed wearing dresses and so wearing them again feels like a comfort.

The above advice means that it is geared towards my own preferences. My advice can be used in different ways than intended a smart black skirt looks good with a well-made dress shirt and has adaptabilities that even a dress can’t achieve. Paired with jeans it is instantly more casual. There is no need to buy an outfit a week I doubt even the Queen needs to do that. The Queen is in her nineties an example of why any of us can wear not only something smart but dressing beyond season fashions. She is an example of being comfortable in what she wears.



















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