Molly Weasley

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Molly Weasley is a fictional character created in J.K. Rowling’s fantastical wizarding world. There is something magical about creating not just strong main characters but also fleshing out the secondary characters as J.K. Rowling does. Molly Weasley is the quintessential mother, she is strong and loyal but does not shy away from discipline when she needs.

For example, how could anyone forget the Howler sent to Ron in his second year after Harry and Ron were locked out of the Platform 9 ¾

“RONALD WEASLEY! How dare you steal that car? I am absolutely disgusted! Your father’s facing an inquiry at work, and it’s entirely your fault! If you put another toe out of line, we’ll bring you straight home!”.

I have made it a promise that this blog won’t actually do an analysis of the person. Instead this is about their clothing styles which opens me to be able to talk about Villains as well. There are some amazing villain costumes out there and it would be a shame if I couldn’t talk about them.

There is nothing daggy about Knitwear.

I am extremely biased in this regard as I am secretly quite thrilled about the new and exciting designs that younger designers are bringing out in knit wear. While this scene in Bridget Jones was hilarious it doesn’t really reflect the potential of knit wear and how they can really bring colour to any outfit.


Scarves have the added bonus of not only being a great way to get warm in winter but can also bring a contrasting colour to the surface. Scarves are the more acceptable version of knit wear, they are sort of the nice kid at school, the one that never made waves and more people accepted.

Molly is quite unique in how comfortable she is in her clothing choices, now that could be that with so many children she may not have the time to worry too deeply about it. Comparing her to other mothers in the series she has a sense of being quite comfortable in her choices. Other mothers in J.K. Rowling’s series don’t have the sense of colour that she does. Knit wear has the potential to liven up an outfit in a way that other prints don’t. Molly wears colours that reflect her happy personality.


Choosing a knitted extra can be tricky, something that is too bulky can have the problem of creating bulk where you might not want it. Especially as knitwear is often worn in winter it can have the butterball effect sadly.

Scarves are a good bet but a knitted jumper that is made of fine wool is going to be a lot more slimming, often chunky knit jumpers don’t have anything extra to add to them. Secondly wearing jumpers with silly or young designs is going to make them more contemporary. Secondly bright colours as Molly wears adds to the outfit as well. Knit wear is a great way to beat the dull colours that often plague winter!


Don’t be afraid to mix and match a little bit.


The Weasley’s in the Harry Potter series were notoriously quite poor, as they had seven children Molly stayed at home and her choices in clothing reflect a woman that was used to making her own clothing. As a result, Molly Weasley is strong in her ability to look at styles that not only look age appropriate but still reflect her character. Now you might have guessed before that this observation is based on the movie adaption of the Harry Potter novels, this is because while there were illustrations in the books it the movie adaption that is so vividly portrayed.

Molly Weasley’s clothes are handmade by their appearance and so fit better than many shop bought clothes probably. When I say handmade it is probably made by magic as was revealed in the Weasley burrow in which two knitting needles were knitting on their own.

For you this means that buying clothes that are able to work well with a variety of designs means a great deal more for variety. Molly Weasley is a fan of layering often wearing a skirt or dress underneath her jackets and jumpers. As the image shows you, this look is versatile and long lasting.

It is important to remember that with layering cheap singlet tops will disintegrate pretty quickly, layering works best when all the clothes haven’t lost their shape as often these singlet tops will do.

Molly Weasley shows how layering can make the same outfits look new and exciting.

Comfortable heels

It’s easy to forget that when the Harry Potter books were first released that J.K. Rowling had set the books much earlier than that. Also normal humans seem to have different lifespans to that of wizards, some of Molly’s outfits represent styles that are much older than current fashions. Once such fashion I do like of hers that sadly has become harder to find is small heels that she is often sporting. One example of these shoes being worn in a movie was A Wonderful Life, a movie released in 1946.untitled


While these shoes may be harder to find, there is a lot to be said about wearing a good pair of shoes that bring a great deal of comfort. Finding a pair of shoes that goes with most outfits can be tricky but it just requires some patience to do so.

Remember anything that makes you uncomfortable will look that way to anyone seeing that outfit. Consider your comfort first when finding a good pair of heels.


Molly Weasley is a woman that is reflected in the clothing that she wears, she is strong and kind not only towards her children but to the one that she semi adopts as her own. She is a woman that reflects how even on a small budget it is possible to dress as you want to. Molly puts her children first and while her children often wore clothing that were hand-me downs I no doubt that she looked after her clothing so that she could wear them for many years. Molly Weasley is a good study as she represents a modge podge of fashions that work well with who she is, never be afraid to try new things.

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