Ada Lovelace


Ada Lovelace.


Ada Lovelace was the child of Lord Byron and Anne Isabelle Byron. Due to her parents failed marriage, Ada did not know her father who left her mother a month after she was born and died when she was eight. Ada Lovelace was pushed towards mathematics and logic due to her mother’s attempts to try to stop the ‘madness’ that she saw in her husband. Ada Lovelace in 1843 translated an article by Luigi Menabrea which she supplemented with a page of notes called NOTES. These NOTES contained what has been considered to be the very first computer program. Ada Lovelace was an amazing woman and her contribution to society goes beyond her time period. This will talk about her clothing choices and also her achievements. It is important to note here that I am aware that the clothing is very centered to her time period but that does not limit their potential.


Don’t feel that you can’t wear white.

White has had its up and downs in regards to popularity due to its misguided associations to purity and I think it is this causes people to be turned away. White might be associated with purity and while there is quite a troubling history in regards to white and wedding dresses (obviously this is not everyone that decideada-lovelace1s to wear white) white is a colour that is still quite versatile. White has the ability to give an almost pallet cleanser approach which makes embellishments highlighted more strongly.

In the outfit that Ada Lovelace is wearing it shows the potential of white when used well. A large part of this is the use of good material that creates a shimmer that makes her look almost regale in the painting. White is timeless just like black but white makes a softer appearance than black does. Once more fell comfortable in anything you are wearing, as Ada shows wear any outfit with a sense of pride.



Be courageous with your hair accessories

Ada Lovelace’s hair shows the potential that can be done when you focus on your hairstyle in an outfit.  While the hair buns to the side look remarkably like Princess Leia remember that Star Wars was created over a hundred years later than Ada. You can say that Ada is the true trend setter.


Regardless mixing up an outfit by choosing to wear a plainer dresser and instead making your hair style the focus can work wonders. This can be highlighted in the image of Princess Leia in comparison to Ada, Princess Leia’s hair looks remarkably more dominate in the image as her dress is plainer giving her hair the emphasis instead. Now this can be harder with shorter hair but not impossible, my own hair is only to my shoulders and I can probably do similar hair style but the buns will be shorter.

Ada’s hair band which I imagine was made of gold shows the potential of wearing bold colours that mix in well with the rest of your outfit, as you can see she is wearing a gold headband that is highlighted in her sleeves and her fan. There is a lot to be said for mixing in a certain colour all through your outfit. A bold hair band can also mean that it creates a focus towards your face, it is never a bad thing if people are noticing you more. The sad thing is that in society we can forget to look at people truly, to see who they are. Amanda Palmer has chosen to have drawn on eyebrows for many years as she feels people look at her in the face much more with them. To try something different creating a focus on your hair by braiding it could be a good way to see different reactions.


One thing to not take away from Ada Lovelace- Don’t feel constricted by fashion.

It is important to realise that the time that Ada grew up in was a very different time period for women. Ada Lovelace was the child of Lord Byron who was incredibly wealthy. Ada Lovelace married William King- Noel 1st Earl of Lovelace when she was twenty. For women of this era there was a sense that even if they were highly intelligent they had to conform to a certain type of ideal. Even though Lovelace made a significant advancement to computer science a hundred years after her death,  Ada would have had to conform to the fashions of the time, the bottom half of the dress particularly reflects these styles. In the photos that I have found of her they both show the changes to fashions. Consider how long these fashions would have taken to get ready in each day. How different could her achievements have been if she had not spent this time every morning having to layer the petticoats to create such a look?  There is also the issue that Ada Lovelace died at thirty-six, to achieved so much in such a short period highlights how remarkable a woman she truly was and also begs the question what else could she have achieved?

When I began to research Ada Lovelace I felt that I could not just simply discuss her dress choices, for a woman that was so much more than what she presented it just didn’t feel like justice.

So don’t feel that you need to buy something that you can’t afford or that you wouldn’t feel comfortable in. Don’t feel that wearing something just because it is popular, wear it because that’s what you want to wear. Though most of the fashions of the present times are not so strictly dictated, such as this look in which it would have been created through layers of starched petticoats before crinoline and hooped skirts were used from the 1850s.

I think that it is important to leave this piece with one quote on the remarkable person that Ada Lovelace was. Valerie Aurora an executive director of the Ada Initiative which is a wonderful non-profit organisation to help women working in maths and science remarked that.  Lovelace is an unusual example of a woman for her time because she was not only allowed to learn mathematics but encouraged to learn mathematics,” Aurora said. “She shows what women can do when given a chance.” I think that is a good way to end this article. Remember than your choices are your own. Good Luck.




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