Valentine’s day considered through Luna Lovegood (written by an expert on dating as I have a boyfriend)

Valentine’s Dayluna1

Valentine’s day has never been that important to me after I got into a relationship, it felt like I had already won the race. Why would I need flowers and chocolates when I have someone to love me every day? Before meeting my boyfriend at nearly twenty-one Valentine’s day was a bit of a disappointment, one year I went to lunch with my best friend and my mum which did make it an amazing day but other than that it just seemed to exist. I picked Luna Lovegood for this as she is a dreamer, happy and different to the already bizarre word that is the wizarding world. To the dreamers out there I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s day.


The best Romance is when it’s something that appeals to you personally.

Luna Lovegood spent the books doing what she wanted to do. She dressed differently to the very medieval style clothing that wizards wore. It seems that while we never do see Luna getting married that she got married in a wedding dress made of rainbows, spangles and a tiara of silver unicorn horns. I suspect that this was highlighted in Pottermore which I started but just couldn’t finish. This dress is very Luna and shows how important it is to be comfortable over social conventions.

For Luna wearing what she wanted at her wedding makes it all the most romantic for me. A big part of Valentine’s day for me is not buying flowers and chocolates because you feel you should but buying what really reflects your partner’s personality. For me I would love to snuggle on the lounge and watch a show together and to end it by making a special dinner for my darling boyfriend. You might want a fancy dinner and a bouquet bigger than your head but for many of us a tailored present is so much nicer. I wouldn’t say no to flowers though, just maybe my favourite flowers like gerberas or those coloured roses that have become popular (I’m not that resolved on the low maintenance options).


Don’t compare yourselves to others.

Recently I went out for lunch with two friends from school. One of my friends is in a long term relationship with his fiancé and the two have been together for nearly four years. My other friend has been with her boyfriend for a few months. Me and the engaged friend was taking about how different it is when you have been together for years, that it’s less dropping off their lunch and surprise flowers but that it’s better in most ways as you know each other so much more. My point is that relationships evolve and most of the time for the better. While I do miss those first few months at times when things were all extremely new, those feeling fade quickly.

Other people’s relationships aren’t meant to be the same as yours, we are all quite unique and I think that’s a good thing. I think that’s what causes problems for people’s relationships is when they compare it to other people. It can get to a point that they can’t see the positives of their relationship anymore which effectively kills it.

Luna Lovegood didn’t allow herself to be compared to others. During Quidditch matches she would wear a hat that depicted the house that she was supporting. For Gryffindor she wore a lion’s hat that when she tapped the hat with her wand it would roar. Luna never compared herself to others, if she had she wouldn’t have worn the

Consider the things to be grateful for,

Valentine’s day is a good day to look at your partner and think of the ways that they make you happy. A really specially Valentine’s present could be a jar with slips of paper reciting all the things you love about your partner. Once when I was studying for exams by boyfriend gave me a chocolate box with little slips of paper on what he loved about me. I ended up eating the chocolates but I kept the paper list because it was so special.

I like that Valentine’s day in that it’s one day a year when we are forced to no longer be complacent in our relationships. I believe that being in relationship is nodh_luna_lovegood_in_yellow_dress_01t taking your partner for granted. I was recently told to pick your partner every day and I think that is a sweet idea, to wake up and chose to be with them. So make an effort, think of what they would like to do and do that, think of things that you both enjoy to do together. If your partner hates football than don’t pick a football match for that day.

If your single, then thinking of things that you are grateful for is a good exercise. Being single is never a bad thing, it just means that you aren’t in a relationship at this time, so use the day to do something you love. If you would love to try skydiving then resolve to book it, make the day about you.

Luna highlighted this by always putting in an effort to her friends, while at times Harry might have been a bit complacent in his
friendships Luna always made sure that she put that effort in. Luna was a loyal person that never took her friends for granted which is a good lesson for all of us.

Enjoy your Valentine’s day everyone whether your single or in a relationship.luna-lovegood-with-harry-potter-luna-lovegood-21703324-423-500




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