That’s Dame to you- Dame Maggie Smith.

That’s Dame to you- Dame Maggie Smith.

maggie-smith-movies-6513bb1b00d453efa46c36fa29b751f1-large-1239620Maggie Smith is one of those actors that I think can reflect the person when they admit the first thing that saw them in. Often this argument is used for actors like Tim Curry or the late great Alan Rickman that due to the large number of popular movies they have been in, that some people believe that a person’s first exposure of their movies says something about them. Maggie Smith I feel is like that and I personally have a huge connection to her as an actress due to Harry Potter. I find that she is one of those actors though that has been in so many movies that people have a connection to each role.

You may have noticed that this blog deals with Harry Potter a great deal, as I am in my early twenties I was a child when the Harry Potter books were released. Harry Potter was to me a world that was just so beautifully magical, I have loved to this very day. I am not sure if it was the fact that as a child I was surrounded by adults but I tend to come back to it a great deal. Maggie Smith was a fixture of all of the movies playing Professor McGonagall, a part I can’t see being played by anyone else. 20-pictures-of-young-maggie-smith-u1With the way that Hollywood often does remakes I doubt that the current Harry Potter movies with be the only ones to ever exist though I hope they don’t because I couldn’t see another actor as McGonagall. Maggie Smith, who is now eighty-two, has had a lengthy career as an actor beginning at the age of seventeen in 1952 playing Viola in Twelfth Night.


Be confident in what you are wearing.

I wasn’t hit with the acting bug personally, writing was always more of a favourite as you are probably starting to see. I imagine that a large part of being an actor is having to be confident even when you feel pretty ridiculous. Maggie Smith is one that gets into her character whole heartily and this confidence is one that all of us should consider.pd3552232_film-h_2688550b

This comes down to considering the way that we wear our clothing, are we just wearing an outfit or are using it an extension of who we are. I do think at times we limit our creativity because it’s easier to dress the same way as everyone else. We buy work clothes that are the same in every colour because it is just easier that way. This is difficult when there are uniforms to wear for work but when you are free to wear what you want, don’t feel the same constraints. I am also a big believer in confidence at every size.

a muumuu

Just because someone is bigger doesn’t mean that the only clothing they get is a shapeless tee shirt and pant combos or muumuus. Sadly, there are people that believe that clothing should be this way, that being overweight means you don’t deserve the same options, it is sad how many people think this way. Compared to the past though there are a great deal more shops that cater to bigger sizes at the moment so it is possible to dress a great deal better.


Confidence is important when dressing, don’t ever feel that you can’t wear what you want to. Within reason though of course- most jobs won’t let you wear a Batman outfit to work, but it’s the little touches that can make a uniform feel a bit better. Wearing a headband or wearing a little flower in your hair can be enough to make you feel an individual even in the most boring outfit.

maggie-smith2Be careful with make-up.

I remember years ago I was at the markets and saw a magazine that said never wear blue eyeshadow on the front. At that stage I was about fourteen and experimenting with eyeshadows. I don’t think that you should ever feel that you can’t wear blue eyeshadow, I don’t want to go against my earlier point but consider your choices. Maggie Smith has always worn make-up that give her a natural look. Her make-up in regards to her acting should be considered differently. I didn’t live through the eighties but it seems that the choices in fashions affected everyone who lived during that time. My own mother had a purse that was the exact shape of a chicken, this I don’t believe was the norm but a quirk distinctly my mother. This purse I feel highlights the sort of bright fashions that were extremely popular. My point is that what is fashionable at that time doesn’t always create a timeless quality and the same goes for make-up. Make-up fashions that are more extreme, like huge batwing eyes, don’t always suit the middle of the day. Some lipsticks don’t always go well with certain complexions and it’s something that you learn with make-up. Maggie Smith found what worked for her and kept going with it through most of her fashions, she chose the understated look which works. Make-up works well when you are not only confident but works with your natural skin tones and find a good comfort. I have in recent years decided only to wear make-up for special occasions or when I want to, sometimes this is to do with money as make-up is expensive but I do enjoy wearing it when I do. Make-up can be an extra expression but only if you want it to be.

Maggie Smith is one of those actors that has been uncompromising about the acting; she is devoted to her craft. Maggie Smith is an amazing actress and I hope that she continues to act for many years to come, she is truly one of my most favourite actresses and she presence makes me smile every time I watch Downton Abbey. Remember to always dress the way you want; be confident in everything that you do.



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