Amanda Palmer and the beauty that is dressing differently.


I like to think of Amanda Palmer as a type of Queen of the Misfits. She represents to a lot of people myself included a sort of mother hen sort of character to this feeling that perhaps we don’t have to be ‘normal’. From the day, we are born we are taught that being different is bad seemingly drilled into that there is only one true way to be. Amanda Palmer is refreshing in why she is happy to be so unique.

As this is unlikely fashion stars I won’t talk about Amanda Palmer personally but I will instead be talking about her choices in clothing and why she is a good study for this.

Push the limits of what is deemed acceptable.amanda

When I say this, I am firstly just talking about fashion. Secondly there is still limits of what is considered acceptable. Screaming down George St, Sydney naked yelling out “I am Mr Puddlewinkle” is going to get you arrested. Being naked in public is still seen as being wrong.

My point is that pushing the limits of what social deems as fashionable and what you want to be is always a good idea. Amanda Palmer’s outfits are a mix of circus and 1920s flappers. I say this in a loving way. The outfits that women in that period wore was clothing that was often beautiful and pushing the sexuality.


This brings me to my second important message and wear clothing that makes you feel beautiful. Recently I have been reading a book about fast fashion and the issues that it causes in society. This idea of clothing as being disposable and quickly abandoned makes me cringe a little bit. I feel that clothing is a huge part of our identity and how it is shown to the world, for clothing to be disposable then I feel we lose that connection. Our clothing should last longer than weeks, to me some of my favourite dresses hold enormous memories and last a great deal. So strong is this that when I finish wearing them I hope to repurpose them into pillows or something similar.

Amanda Palmer’s clothing are reminiscent of clothing as artworks, of lace and embroidery that cascades down the backs of dresses. Of corsets and the spending time to get dressed in something beautiful. Of course, in saying this, I want in no way to go back to time when getting dressed would take hours but wearing pieces that are feminine and flowy is a wonderful way to dress up.


Amanda Palmer may dress up more than most but finding a beautiful outfit that feel special is a wonderful feeling. If you don’t want to feel feminine of course there are many beautiful extras that add something special to an outfit like a tie or even a lapel pin. Don’t be afraid to wear something that is beautiful and wonderful in this way.

Dressing is about more than looking slim. 

I have always considered Amanda Palmer as being quite slim and so this is in no way about weight. Instead this is about wearing clothing that is more than simply about making you look smaller than you are. There is a push in fashion that fashion is about slender people, that anyone outside of this view is either wrong or a problem. This creates a society that only ever wears clothing that makes them look smaller no matter the weight that they begin at. We are more than our weight just as we are more than how we appear to be in clothing. Instead I would like to say how we feel in an outfit is important, if we want to wear a beautiful silk dress that may look our hips bigger than wear it anyway. If you feel confident in it than no one is going to notice that you look just that little bit bigger.

Amanda Palmer recounted a story in her autobiography “The Art of Asking” (2014) that once she had created a music video with her previous record company. It was here that she said she had a wonderful day creating the music video to be given a damaging comment about how she looked at times in the video. She argued that if she had a wonderful day than why did it matter that at times she looked happy not perfect? I would argue that Amanda Palmer is the rawest when she happy enjoying her music. Of the pictures, I found of her it was these ones where she looked the most content and as a result in her clothing choices.

Amanda Palmer and her wonderful style shows that she is a great example of being who we want to be. That as we are multifaceted people with a variety of different wonderful qualities so should our choices. Be as wonderful as fashion is all the choices that we have in society show that we can dress the way we desire to, we weren’t meant to be the same so why do we let our fashion choices be?


In conclusion Amanda Palmer is to some people a controversial person, she has at times done things that have upset people. She also on the other side brings a great deal of joy. Amanda Palmer love her or leave her she does show us that there is always a chance for us to one day create art as well. That one day we might too be known for the things we love. Amanda Palmer has managed to change the face of how music can be distributed, changing the idea that a record deal is the only way. She also comes across as strong in her choices, she wears the outfits she ways to with her head held high, something I think all of us needs to consider. We can be different if we want to, the world needs people to be happy with themselves. There is only one you after all.




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